What's Happening?

    The staff of the Children's Spot will be vaccinated for the flu.  This year promises to be a particularly bad flu season.  We look to Australia to predict what will happen here, since their winter - flu season - is our summer.  Australia was hit particularly hard this year, with more than 3000,000 confirmed cases and a severe form of Influenza A H3N2 predominating.  Last year, also was a bad flu season, there were more than 5000,000 hospitalizations from flu in the U.S., with more than 50,000 deaths.  This year looks like it could be worse. 
     Flu shots are made using inactivated (killed) flu viruses, so you cannot get the flu from a flu shot.  A young baby or elderly person with chronic illness is less likely to get the flu if more people are immunized.
     The flu shot is always worth getting for several reasons.  First, it decreases the amount of circulating virus.  Second, it decreases the severity of flu, even if it isn't completely effective in preventing it; if you have a milder case, you immune system is stronger and you are less likely to suffer a devastating complication, such as pneumonia or a heart attack.
     PLEASE, give you child as much protection as you can.  Get them the flu shot as soon as possible.  We can clean and sanitize, but we cannot stop the flu bug.  Teach your children to wash their hands often.  Children should cough and sneeze into their sleeve.  Lastly, get plenty of rest.  



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