Why Have A Nature School?
  • To meet children's developmental needs while initiating them into a lifelong, meaningful relationship with natural world​.
  • Teach young children to be purposeful experimenters and help them sense of the real world.
  • Organize children's thinking about the natural world.
  • Outdoor learning is an EDUCATIONAL setting for 3-12 year old children.
  • Align outdoor experiences with a commitment to mutimodal learning.
  • Involve community with educational classes.
  • Increase outdoor time for children.
  • Children have more opportunities for physical play.
  • We get DIRTY - MUDDY, SANDY ,  WET, and even HOT!
Young boy in a field looking through bin












A Monarch caterpillar rests in a child's

Has your child ever:

*Played in a REAL mud pit?

*Touched an albino snake?

*Planted a Pollination Station for bees and butterfles?

*Experienced building a boat from water bottles and it floats?

*Performed experiments that will make them laugh and scream?

*Watched a tarantula up close?

*Fed a guinea pig?

*Built a habitat for tortoises?

If they have not, they are MISSING OUT!  We are not just a childcare center.  We are building brains, introducing your child to the outside world, and letting them feel, taste, smell, experience, and understand their world.  We love to get wet in our pool, waddle in our Mud Pit, cook in our kitchen, watch our gardens and orchards grow, and have time to just be themselves.