The Children's Spot
Debbie Nicholls - Owner/Director
(817) 239-2740  Cell 
I will answer any question or handle any concern that you may have.  Please feel free to call me!
Cheryl Butimore - Director of Operations
Becky Gillentine - Director of Nutrition
Jennifer Pappas - Director of Curriculum
The Children's Spot has an Open Door Policy.  You are welcome to visit anytime.  We have a wonderful staff, come and see why I brag about them all the time.  You are invited to eat lunch with your child, attend field trips, or come by the Office and say "Hello".  
  (817) 473-0441

     As an employee of the The Children's Spot, you MUST realize that the teacher-child relationship is the most important component of a child's experience in care.  We are a facility with the most outstanding teachers as reflected in our actions, attitudes, dress, moral code and conduct.

     After completion of our Employment Application, please call for an appointment.  You will need to bring with you your completed Application, Driver's License and Social Security Card.  You criminal history will be checked and upon a positive completion, we can begin the hiring process if the The Children's Spot approves the candidate. 


We are easy to find:

The Children's Spot is located at the corner of Matlock Road and Debbie Lane.  We are right behind the Family Walmart and underneath the City of Mansfield water tower.

The Children's Spot Position

At The Children's Spot we want an environment where everyone feels welcome.  We wish to create a caring and learning environment of engaged learners.  Our staff will observe, document and assess your child's development and learning.  Our staff will meet with you at anytime to discuss your child's progress.  We can also work towards a Parent/Teacher Plan for your child.  Let our staff or management know it we can assist you in your endeavors to prepare your child socially, emotionally, and developmentally.  We wish to establish an open relationship with our parents and their children.  The Children's Spot believes in the Early Childhood Profession and strives to make your child blossom and excel with the partnership between parents, staff and management.