I am 62 years young and have endured over 25 CRAZY years with early childhood education.  I have been a Director/Owner for over 25 years, BUT I have also worn the hat of Nurse, Bookkeeper, Psychiatrist, Counselor, Cook, Maintenance Man, Plumber, Referee, and MORE!  I have served on the Texas Licensed Childcare Assn. Board for over 9 years. 

     I have a degree in Applied Arts & Sciences with Early Childhood Development Degree.  BUT...I have a lifetime Degree in Child Development due to time served and also for the tears, sweat, prayers and love given and received. 

     My day would not be normal without snot being rubbed on my pants, my earrings pulled at, wiping away tears, tripping over toys, eating beanie-weenies, supporting staff and management, spit-up on the backside of my shirt, and most of all - getting 100 HUGS A DAY! 

Debbie A. Nicholls



Our Philosophy

To provide children with a developmentally appropriate environment, in a loving, nurturing atmosphere where they can play, explore, and learn.  With our solid academic program, we expect our children to be at the head of the class!

Our Method

It is important to stimulate children's brains and teach them to think outside of the box.   We are creating 70% of their brain synapses in their first 8 years.  This is accomplished by strong reading and math programs, foreign languages, and STEM skills.  With hands-on learning, a strong curriculum, and music and movement we can send them off as leaders.