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July 9, 2020

To The Children's Spot Family:

As you may have heard, Dad has taken a promotion and we will be moving.  Eli and Ben, sadly, will not be returning.  We want to thank each and everyone of you for your time, devotion and above all , love and compassion over these 4 years.  You have become a part of our hearts and family for all time.  Each and everyone of you truly have a gift and passion for what you do.  I pray God watches over you and keeps you safe during these crazy times.  Thank you for the fun, love, learning, and memories you have shown our boys over the years.  We love you all!  Signed:  The G's

   How to find a licensed child care and see their report card:

  • Go to

  • Search "Texas Child Care"

  • Search for a "Licensed Center"

  • Search for issuance type of "Full permit"

  • Search Operation Name:  "The Childrens Spot", no apostrophe

  • You will find that we have 1 violation in 9 years. 

  • Next, select another center's name and do the same.

  • Now, you will see how wonderful our center is.  I am proud of the work of our staff to make sure we keep violations to a minimum.

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